We believe there is a place for nature in every space

Our story

InnaGrow was founded in 2015 by three old friends who had lost their childhood connection with nature. They wanted to get it back and decided to start a company based on green values that would somehow be the opposite of disposable, throw-away culture.

The three friends learned about aquaponics, a fascinating old technique, where raising fish and cultivating plants could create natural indoor ecosystems. They studied microbes and biology, tested theories, and eventually got smarter. The product’s prototype was a used plastic container with the top sawn off with fish inside attached to a wooden growbed and lined together with a simple tarp. Yes, it looked as weird as it still sounds, but it also worked. The prototype of our first product Solu indoor garden was born.

Solu is an industry-changing  innovation that requires low maintenance. It’s simple, stylish, ecological, and mesmerizing. We believe there’s room for indoor nature in every apartment, kindergarten, school, hotel, lobby, office, and nursing home on this planet.

Our long-term goal is to fight climate change by offering all urban people revolutionizing and cost-effective ways to co-grow organic food that strengthens local communities and helps solve food supply problems globally.

We help people fall in love with nature.

Juha Laitinen


Over 20 years experience in strategic marketing, branding and sales. Formerly, worked as CEO for an advertising agency.

Jaakko Kotiranta

R&D, founder •

Long experience in developing indoor gardens based on aquaponics. Formerly, worked in buying and supply chain development positions, including varuste.net

Markus Romu

Sales •

Experienced sales professional with broad experience from multinational organizations. Formerly, Account Director at Phillips Finland, where he was responsible for consumer product sales.

Pekka Toivola

Design •

Globally known and awarded designer in the field of office furniture. Formerly, worked as head of design for Framery, an indoor phonebooth company, and Martela office furniture retailer.

Faiqa Atique

Aquaponics Specialist •

Long working experience with hydroponics, recirculating aquaculture, and aquaponics. Previously worked as a researcher, aquaponics specialist, and biology teacher. Experienced with growing edible plants in soil and water.

Kari Kolu

Investor & advisor •

Kari has over 20 years experince in real estate investing and developement. He is the founder of Trevian Funds Oy:n. Formerly, worked as a CEO at Sponda Oyj and Renor Oy.

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