Revolutionizing how people can enjoy and experience nature indoors

Helping to create a cycle of positivity

Solu helps all kinds of people from kids to grandmas fall in love with nature while demonstrating how the actual ecosystem works.

We bring happiness, awareness and activities to all urban people by delivering fully functional mesmerizing ecosystems to indoor spaces.

growing own nutrition

Plant your seeds or seedlings. The oxygenated and nutritious water from the circular cultivation creates a basin for growth that rewards the hard worker with a lucrative harvest.

Experiencing the nature

As we spend more time indoors, the fully functioning indoor ecosystem brings happiness and harmony to people’s daily lives. You can enjoy nature without moving a step.


InnaGrow creates purpose and calls for action. Follow the natural cycles in life and nurture with daily routines. Spend an inspiring moment reading or working out next to the indoor ecosystem.


Chatting next to the lush indoor ecosystem is like taking a short, shared trip into nature. The most imaginative nurturing takes place together. You can share the responsibilities and the crop within your community.

Learning by doing

Explore, try out, make mistakes… try again. By growing yourself, you will learn the basics of growth. When you learn by doing, you always remember.

Discovering the ecosystem

The cycle of nature is fascinatingly complex. The indoor ecosystem of plants and fish mirrors the natural one – so we can appreciate and understand its sensitivity.

Purifying the air

Plants help improve indoor air quality. It is possible to select the plant species that can purify your indoor air as efficiently as possible. Breath and relax.

Calming and stimulating

The stylish design calms the inner mind. Aquariums and plants have proven to have positive effects on the mind and body. Take a deep breath and deepen your appreciation of nature.

Care homes

InnaGrow’s Solu indoor ecosystem creates a mesmerizing first impression. It is a unique source of comfort for the patients, staff, and guests of care homes.

The proven health benefits of plants and aquariums are rejuvenating and create a significant purpose in everyday life. It is comfortable to gather by the inner ecosystem to exchange news of the day. The empowering elements of nature also inspire more movement.

It is easy to organize natural stimuli, and the external need for activities diminishes. The only limit is your imagination. A moment for music, a nature quiz, or a physical workout next to the indoor ecosystem refreshes the mind and body.

Solu is an investment in relaxation and enjoyment.

“This is so lovely. It brings us so much joy.”

Tarja L.

Customer from Riistavuori Elderly Care Unit

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Nature’s ecosystem in miniature offers a wide variety and a functional approach to teaching. Educational tasks are a great way to learn how to take responsibility for the essential things in life, such as the basics of food production.

Learning by doing helps us understand the cycle of nature and the impact of human activities on the environment, thereby strengthening our ability to have a positive influence on nature. Steps of success reward and motivate students at different levels of their education.

“An indoor garden changes the perspective and ways of teaching. You can experience the ecosystem, photosynthesis and procreation live in the classroom.”

Janne Riehunkangas

Biology Teacher Käpylä Elementary School

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Public spaces

The Solu indoor ecosystem brings nature into public spaces, offices, lobbies, or canteen areas with subtle style. There’s nothing more mesmerizing than to spend a relaxing moment in the presence of the inner ecosystem – immersed in the wonders of nature.

Studies on work environments show that elements from nature improve our ability to concentrate, relieve stress, and increase productivity. Solu also greatly strengthens the sense of community, creating a bonding opportunity with joint educational projects.

A comfortable working environment activates creativity.

”Solu is the eye-catcher of our lobby. It gets the attention of visitors. Both kids and adults are fascinated by it.”

Jani Aaltonen

Manager, Sokos Hotel Vaakuna Hämeenlinna

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Private citizens

Our vision is to bring the nature to indoors to be experienced by anyone. If you are interested in the development of our consumer product, join our inner circle to hear more.

The stories

We wanted to create a product that would help urban people like ourselves to better connect with the nature.

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