World’s first recreational indoor garden based on aquaponics

Industry-changing innovation that saves water

InnaGrow Solu is an industry-changing innovation that requires low maintenance. It’s simple, stylish, ecological, and mesmerizing – a well-designed interior product that brings people comfort, harmony, meaning, and happiness.

We want to make the concept of indoor nature an essential part of urban daily lives everywhere. And perhaps most importantly Solu allows millions of people living in urban environments around the globe to grow their own food with a fascinating aquaponics method.

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The fauna

Using the principles of aquaponics, it is possible to grow almost any freshwater fish, freshwater crayfish or shellfish as long as they thrive in similar temperatures as the bacteria and plants.

It is unethical to grow large fish in a small aquarium. That’s why we utilize decorative aquarium fish for our ecosystem. They can’t be grown for food but the joy of watching, feeding, and nurturing them is a rewarding and interesting experience in its own right.

These decorative fish still produce rich nutrients that the plants need. Since the plants use those nutrients, the water stays habitable and maintenance of the aquarium is much easier.

“Solu has been designed to be observed. The fish, the plants, and the cycle of nature are the stars of the show and the reasons why Solu is such an eye-catcher. The design is minimalistic in detail to expose the most important thing, nature itself.”

Pekka Toivola

product designer

edellinen seuraava

The flora

Aquaponics is a soil-less process that uses clay pebbles to support the habitat for the plants and microbes. Aquaponic production generates no harmful waste.

Aquaponics is a game changer that can help us transform our food production on land and in water to be more sustainable. Do your own experiments or just lay back and let us take care of your Solu.

What is aquaponics?

Aquaponics is an age-old process of raising fish and cultivating plants together.

The fish, plants and microbes create a symbiotic relationship just like in our natural, outdoor ecosystems.

  • Edible or decorative plants
  • No watering, no fertilizing
  • No soil, no weeds


Adding fish food to the ecosystem begins the nutrient cycle. As the fish metabolise their food, they create nutrients that end up in the water.


Nutrient-rich water from the fish tank flows seamlessly into the grow bed, mimicking the natural rise and fall of water in ecosystems.

Microbes in the grow bed live off this nutrient-rich water and simultaneously transform the nutrients into a hospitable form for plants to flourish


Plants then feed off the available nutrients thanks to the work of the microbes and have everything they need to grow. As healthy vegetables grow, they purify the water for the well-being of the fish.


Indoor nature is a recreational activity that brings joy, harmony and purpose for everyone.

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