As a kid, our co-founder and Head of Development Jaakko Kotiranta knew exactly what he liked. He enjoyed the peaceful quietness of the Finnish countryside. In those days, all good things in Jaakko’s world happened outdoors, and dull moments spent indoors were like a mandatory wasted evil. Things were great until an inevitable tragedy hit. Jaakko turned into a normal urban teenager who lost his connection with nature for more than a decade. It wasn’t until his late 30s when Jaakko really started to educate himself about climate change and sustainability and made a conscious effort to rebuild his connection with nature.

That awakening included studying advanced biology and the deeper principles of ecosystems that led Jaakko to discover aquaponics, an old technique in which raising fish and cultivating plants could be used together to create fully functioning ecosystems. Jaakko had a vision of a sustainable company that could manufacture well-designed, stylish, scalable, and ecological indoor gardens that would bring joy and purpose for everyone.

After countless months spent in a small basement exploring, testing, and improving, Jaakko found the right team to share his green values. InnaGrow was born. Jaakko’s main role in our Indoor Nature Rebellion is to lead our product development. He believes in the mesmerizing magic of ecosystems.


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As a kid, our co-founder and Head of Development Jaakko […]