Being the most experienced and oldest member of our core team, our Head of Design Pekka Toivola grew up in a world where nature was much more present in people’s daily lives than it is today. His favorite outdoor activity as a kid was to hop on a simple wooden rowing boat that had been in his family for decades and circle around the empty lakes and quiet rivers nearby his childhood home.

Pekka had big dreams of becoming a local veterinarian who would open a small practice somewhere in the Finnish countryside. It seemed like a good fit. After all, Pekka already liked animals and they liked him. But despite the plan being solid Pekka too moved to a bigger city, started his studies at the University of Art and Design Helsinki, and eventually became a highly-acclaimed, globally awarded designer. Pekka spent almost 40 years working for some of the most respected Nordic design brands such as Martela.

In 2020 we asked him to join our team of curious InnaGrowers. Luckily, he said yes – which is wonderful since Pekka’s expertise and vision are exactly what we needed. Pekka’s main role in our Indoor Nature Rebellion is to lead our design process and take our product to the next level and beyond in terms of style, visuals, materials, and functionality. He believes in smart and caring design thinking.


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