Throughout his life, our advising investor Kari Kolu has been best friends with nature. His favorite hobbies still include repeatedly hiking around Finland’s many national parks and picking mushrooms by hand in the comforting quietness of the Finnish natural forests during the fall season.

Kari is also the founder of a management-owned real estate asset management company Trevian Funds AIFM and an initiative called Trevian Carbon Sink Real Estate that is supporting the company in going carbon neutral by 2030 with a little help from peatlands. This makes a big impact since peatlands are the most important carbon storage in Finland, with up to 70% of the country’s carbon sequestrated in peat. Globally, peat is also the largest and most effective terrestrial carbon storage and the second largest after the world’s five big blue oceans. If executed correctly, conservation and restoration of peatlands can stop their carbon leakage, and the accumulation of peat restores carbon sequestration from the atmosphere. All that, of course, is hugely important and impressive.

When we met Kari, and he agreed to join us on our own journey toward helping the planet, we were pleased and excited. Kari’s main role in our Indoor Nature Rebellion as an experienced, trusted and nature-protecting investor is to provide much-needed stability and continuity in the form of funding and consulting. He believes in sustainable investing.


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